Drilling work in Lapland and the Nordic countries

Our principal mission is to deliver rock samples from the location and depth requested by the client. We operate mainly in the Finnish Lapland, but we serve our clients also in Sweden and Norway.

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High-quality machinery

At the moment, we use four above-ground drilling machines to extract rock samples, as well as two underground drilling machines. All of these have been designed for extremely versatile and efficient drilling.

It is important for us that moving the drilling machinery is as effortless and quick as possible.

Above-ground machinery

The above-ground drilling units run with their own traction motors on wide rubber rollers, and therefore the tracks they leave in the terrain are nearly invisible. Drill pipes can also be carried within the cartridges separately designed for them.

The only maintenance traffic to the drilling site will be done with crawlers or snowmobiles, depending on the circumstances. This is unique amongst drilling companies, and it minimises the adverse environmental effects of the drilling procedures.

Underground machinery

Underground drilling units operate with their own motors, a moving platform, and they can drill in all directions from the same locations.

Deviation measurements in addition

In addition to deep drilling, our company provides bore hole deviation measurements with Deviflex measuring devices (2 items). We also use clinometers.