Drilling, and metal work in the Lapland area

Northdrill is a drilling company located in Rovaniemi, with one subsidiarie: North Metal. We provide drilling and metal work performed by experienced professionals. Our operating area covers mostly the area of Lapland.

Northdrill Oy

Northdrill Oy has specialised in different kinds of drilling. In addition to Finland, we execute e.g. rock drilling and deep drilling also in Sweden and Norway. Take a look at what we can do!

North Metal

The core competence of North Metal consist of metal works. Our strong experience ensures the high quality of our work. In addition to work in the metal field, we implement maintenance, repairs and inspections of heavy machinery. Take a look at our services!

Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact us about any of the services we provide. We will be happy to help you. Contact us for more info!