Diamond drilling and diamond works, delivered with experience

Our principal task is to supply rock samples from locations and depths specified by the client. We are chiefly active in Finnish Lapland, but serve our clients in Sweden and Norway, as well.

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Quality machinery

We have at present five ground-level drilling machines as well as three below-ground drilling machines. All are designed to perform highly diverse drilling work as efficiently as possible.

It is important to us that drilling equipment should be as quick and easy to move as possible.

Ground-level equipment

The ground-level drilling units operate on their own traction motors on wide rubber caterpillars, leaving almost imperceptible tracks on the terrain. Drill pipes can also be carried in cartridges tailored specifically for them.

Maintenance traffic at the drilling site is carried out exclusively with snowscooters oor crawlers, depending on the conditions. This is unique among drilling companies and minimises any adverse effects of the drilling operations.

Underground equipment

Underground drilling units operate on their own motors on a moving platform, and are able to drill in all directions fromthe same point.

We also perform deviation measurements

As well as deep drilling, our company offers bore hole deviation measurements using Deviflex measuring devices (x2). We also make use of clinometres.